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Milaan Necklace

Milaan Necklace


Created for the statement maker, the bold and authentic that’s not afraid to blaze a confidence trail. Fashioned with a beautiful mix of matte and bright draping, Multi-layered gold chains, with tassels and a pink and peach Jasper medallion that majestically sits at the center of the necklace to create a beautiful fusion of pink, peach, and gold that is reminiscent of the sunset.

The necklace is adjustable to different lengths, 6 inches long tassels, the 24 karat gold electroplated necklace is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Finished with a beautiful lobster clasp and an extender chain, the Milaan Statement Necklace can be adjusted to fit any person.

As you rock your statement necklace, It’s a declaration of your identity, a call for you to exude confidence.

Layered chain & tassel statement necklace.

* 24-karat gold electroplating.

* Matte & bright gold

* necklace is adjustable to different length’s; 6"L tassel

* Lobster clasp.

* extender chain

* Pink & peach Jasper medallion

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