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Iberia Necklace

Iberia Necklace


Find Your Essence

Your soul controls the most important parts of what makes you, you. Your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, and eventually your actions. It’s why we need to stay connected and in tune with our souls. The Soulection necklace is a reminder for us to reconnect with our souls and find our essence.

Made with textured layered disks, and hammered round charms. This statement necklace was forged with the most meticulous attention to detail, its design coming straight from the soul. This attractive piece is 24-karat gold electroplated and 22-24 inches long. You’re sure to exude confidence and a stunning aura when you grace your neck with the Soulection Necklace.

Easy to lock lobster clasp and extender chain makes it suitable for use by anyone. The multilayered gorgeousness is all shades of perfection to add an unbeatable stylish finish to any outfit. Stay connected to your true self with this elegant piece of jewelry.



• Textured layered disk.

• Hammered charms

• 24K gold electroplating.

• Approx. 22-24"L.

• Lobster clasp.

• Extender chain

• Handmade item

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