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Lunaversoul Jewelry’s Royal Elephant Crystal Necklace worn by Erykah Badu

Updated: Mar 2

When I made this necklace it was kind of an experiment to see what I could do with some really beautiful crystals I had at the studio. I have never worked with them before but I was really inspired by a pair of asymmetrical elephant earrings that I had made years ago & a favorite painting of mine by artist Kehinde Wiley.

I had loved how it turned out so much that honestly, I was just planning to keep it for myself instead of putting it up for sale.

I'm so glad that I didn‘t sell it because little did I know the Queen herself, Erykah Badu would take interest in it also.

She reached out to speak to me about my jewelry & as a result of that convo, I am proud to say that she is now the owner of my one of a kind Royal Elephant Pendant Necklace.

She was always first on my list of people I'd love to design a piece of jewelry for & I am so honored & excited I got that chance.

She made a three short video clips with her phone of my jewelry & posted it on her Instagram page, which can be viewed here

Unfortunately I don't have very good photos of the necklace since I had to get it to her pretty quickly. But here are some screenshots of a couple of the videos that she posted of it on her Instagram page.

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