At Lunaversoul you will find handmade jewelry that is eclectic & soulful. 

Because all personalities are unique,

It's only natural that each person would want their own special piece of jewelry that allows them to express their own individuality & compliments the style they want to achieve.

In addition to having a unique piece of jewelry no one else has.

You will be wearing handmade jewelry that is as stunning as you are.

With vivid colors, rich textures, and clean design, each piece is guaranteed to turn heads while adding that wow factor to your favorite outfit. ​

At Lunaversoul there is something for EVERYONE




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Erykah Badu says:

I call it...Pretty lil Computer... My new Quartz freaqs, Love your work

-Erykah Badu


Nappy Chronicles says:

All I can say is I have never in my life ever opened a gift that made me feel the way I felt when I opened the golden box. My eyes lit up in amazement. It's sooooooooo Beautiful.... Just my Style... as if it was made for me (which it was and wow, I didn't expect to open a box with such a treasure... Not too much and not too little, Perfect in every way. I want to try it on, but right now I'll just look at it because it looks like something that should be in a museum... in a glass... carefully guarded but for the world to see. A taylored creation of another creation, your work is truly amazing. Wow.



GoldyLocs says:

The earrings are HOT! They totally exceeded my expectations! Wow! Thank you so much. Love the earrings the face is wearing. That extra hanging design makes for a very nice touch! Thank you so much!



E Martin says:
I am such a fan... of Lunaversoul.... Thank you so much again unique pieces...I love it I love it..

Anne M says:
Received the package 5 minutes ago and am already wearing them! The stones are beautiful, and the weight and swing of the earrings are perfect! Great working with you CJ ... I'll be back :) 

AFLJ says:
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing such talented creativity. Your shop is full of that.

Original Man says:
NOT BAD MEANING BAD BUT BAD MEANING GOOD! This is a beautiful piece. Purchased for my wife as a bday gift. Very well handcrafted and designed. One of a kind! This is "original" at it's BEST. Also received the brass Black woman earrings as well. They are AMAZING! My wife loves her this shop.

T Smith says:
Amazing! Absolutely gorgeous necklace. The layering of the various colors and materials looks like a fantastic piece of art. A dream.


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