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Soulful        Eclectic       Handmade 

Lunaversoul designs handmade jewelry that weaves eclecticism and soulfulness into every piece.

Each creation tells a story, blending diverse inspirations into a tapestry of artisanal elegance.

while jewelry empowers others to see themselves as the shining star of their own story.

Elevate Your Look & Stand Out In Style

Skye Aurelia wearing Lunaversoul Jewelry in : Tides of Time – with L'Officiel UK

Tides of Time: Skye Aurelia

Skye Aurelia is a globally recognized supermodel, singer-songwriter, actress, author, humanitarian, and entrepreneur. Skye is the first in the world to blend movies, music, music videos, technology, fashion, and literature into a single, cohesive storyline with her groundbreaking "Light Series."

The ENTITY Necklace by Lunaversoul Jewelry as seen on Busta Rhymes for the

OUT OF THIS WORLD TOUR with Missy Elliot & Ciara in 2024

photo apr 16 2024, 5 34 30 am.jpg

 OUT OF THIS WORLD TOUR Promo video with Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes & Ciara